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Most of us were invited to come check it out, and we "joined" because you have to register to read. Maybe we're inquisitive enough not to judge a book by it's cover? Like a great many of the posters in this thread, we looked around and liked it. THERE'S MORE TO TWWS THAN THE ONE SINGLE MDC SUBFORUM, which everyone seems to be insisting that the title of the Board is all about.  
Geez. Is there no forum here in which to discuss current events? Does celebrity gossip or politics never come up? Do you not come here to moan about your doctors and midwives and pediatricians? Do you come here and complain about how your own parents are giving your children McDonald's and plastic toys, or about how your husband is not managing your money? No one comments on how much free time you must have to have to be posting about your life drama on the...
Maybe you have missed all the posts saying that there is much more to TWWS than just MDC snark? There are EIGHTEEN forums on that board. We are a community, just like MDC. We have seen each other through births, deaths, divorces, illness, parenting challenges... all the things that happen here. For many of us, it is our extended family. If you think TWWS would just disappear because there's no reason to discuss MDC, I'm not sure you've been reading along.
  I'm thinking maybe you've never seen someone have a real tizzy before if that's that's the word you use to describe our discussion of the traffic TWWS is getting because of this thread.  
It's hard to discuss what someone said when you don't actually know what they said. As has been mentioned, a lot of our posters have been banned for MDC (some simply because they were a member of the other board), so we can't just link to the post. Really, I don't understand why you're so caught up on the C&P aspect. What does it matter if it's quoted, linked to, or paraphrased?  
I haven't seen the private UC forum, I didn't even apply because I assumed I would not be accepted, given that I have dared in the past to tell a mother with a high-risk pregnancy that UC was unwise (and then her baby died). Like most posters to that forum, her question was legitimate, but the answers that were acceptable to give her were not.  
I get that, and I know this is a natural family living board, but the infraction I had was simply for asking, "can't we have a balanced discussion?" I was new to the vax forum, I didn't know that no, we couldn't. I could understand a warning, but after several years of being a member that was the first time I got discipline points. A simple "no, this is not the place" should have sufficed.   I know the moderation is supposed to have lightened up, you'll have to forgive me...
And when a person is shunned by their community and made to feel like an outcast for trying to be a voice of reason, they just might go to another community and talk about that experience. No?    
Apparently you're not looking in the right place. It's true that most of us vaccinate, but I think most of us also do it on a delayed or alternate schedule, and there are always questions being asked about that.   Debate at MDC? Really? I posted here for years without any infractions. When my daughter got old enough to start vaccinating I wandered over to the vax forum for the first time to check it out last year. Someone was being ridiculed for choosing to fully...
Regarding people being influenced by what they read on a message board, there are many, many people who come here seeking validation for what they already believe. That's fine, unless their belief is wrong and possibly dangerous, as I see often on the birth forums. What's even more dangerous is when the people who tell her she's wrong are shouted down by other posters and called fear mongers.
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