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You might want to check the title of the thread. It doesn't matter what it was intended to be about, it is what it is.  
True, but you can certainly lead a person to feel that way, which happens here all the time.
I was critical of her for taking me literally that there were exactly one or two. Sorry for the confusion.
Since when does the natural family living experience have to contradict scientific fact?   Just maybe this thread is still up because we're all adults participating in an adult discussion? If you find it so uncivilized, why are you participating?  
  ? Oh, I can name them. This really isn't the appropriate place.    
No. There are specific reasons why different forums are private. It's my understanding that TAO is restricted, not private, and it's that way to keep the conversation at a certain level of quality. That's a whole different ball game than C&Ping posts that are private for the sake of the poster's privacy.  
I believe the board is barely 3 years old.
I think she is taking issue with my statement that there are only "one or two" mean posters because she thinks I meant it literally, that I've counted and named them, and I actually believe there are exactly one or two (and I'm not sure which it is).    
Um... that's what this whole thread is about.
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