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waiting2bemommy, YOU are the one who comes here ALL THE TIME talking about how messed up your life is, how messed up your children's behavior is, how messed up your partner is, and how much unnecessary drama and trauma you are exposing your kids to. MDC has thousands of members, yet very few of them are here all the time complaining about all the crazy messed up things that are happening with their kids. If that's not a cry for help, why do you come here? If you don't...
They effectively will not cover CPMs. We are not eligible to become TennCare providers because we cannot get the malpractice insurance they require of their providers, plus their reimbursement rates are way too low for it to be feasible for most midwives to accept their payment. If you are considering a CNM then you simply need to ask them.
Did you tell the psychologist about last March when he undressed a Barbie doll at the store, pulled his pants down, spread the Barbie's legs apart and put it on his penis? Did they think was normal behavior also?
If midwifery is regulated in your state, then your midwife may not have been the one to set her own protocols. That may be a part of her state's rule and regulations (that's the case here in Tennessee). I am supposed to see my clients on that schedule whether I like it or not.
A CNM is an RN and received her midwifery education in a master's degree program. A CPM is a direct-entry midwife and their training can vary in amount of formal education and apprenticeship.   I have never head of Tamara Flowers. Are you sure she does home births?   Lisa Coomer is not a CPM-TN. She may still be a CPM but CPM-TN means the CPM has a Tennessee license and hers expired last April and she did not renew. You can verify licensure here:...
If there are no issues I move them to the next week. Where is the evidence that they routinely need to be seen every 4/2/1 weeks?  
It's the change in atmospheric pressure, not temperature, that stimulates the baby to breathe. Are you familiar with the video of women birthing in the Black Sea? The Black Sea never gets above the mid 80s! Having the water warmer than body temperature will raise the mom's temperature, blood pressure, and pulse. It's not good for her or the baby.
There's something wrong with that?
There's much more to practicing midwifery than catching a baby after 37 weeks. If she's providing prenatal care, she's practicing midwifery. If she doesn't have a license and is providing prenatal care, she's still practicing midwifery without a license no matter how many weeks you are.  
Why would 100 degree water be better than 75 degree room air? Birth is a shock, regardless of the temperature. Babies are supposed to know they've been born. When it comes to waterbirth, midwives and natural birth advocates tend to throw our beliefs about not being able to improve nature right out the window!  
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