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I didn't say that, did I? If so it was a typo, please show me so I can correct it.
Quote: Originally Posted by eclipse To add to that, though, the blog also said they went on the run and didn't show up for their court date - that was over a year ago, though, so who knows? They did miss their court date but they later returned and immediately turned themselves in. They had documentation to prove they were ill and had car problems that prevented them from showing up in court on their scheduled date. They have had to submit to...
Quote: Originally Posted by MsBlack In most mammals, the cord actually rips away from placenta during birth, before wharton's jelly has had time to form at all. Wharton's jelly forms early in pregnancy. It holds the vessels together and protects them from compression while in utero. What are you talking about?
Quote: Originally Posted by Lady Lilya I'm also thinking that there is a difference between what is reasonable to charge you directly, and what she would bill to insurance. Um, no. You are suggesting that a midwife is not worth her entire fee just because some choose to offer a discount to clients who do not have insurance. The insurance fee should be her actual honest and fair fee.
Quote: Originally Posted by AZgirl2207 My guess is you were denied because 1) they deny everything the first time through and 2) some number code is wrong somewhere. My midwife provided a 'global bill' that included 'all prenatal and maternity care'. Through MCD, I found some magic billing numbers that made BCBS happy. No, she was denied because her policy very clearly states that home birth expenses are not covered under the section titled...
Quote: Originally Posted by SquidMommy Now that I know it's something she wants to do, I can bring a change of underoos or something to make it less-gross. I take a wash cloth and fold it over the mom's waistbands (pants and panties) to keep the gel off her clothes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Davonia Here is the other side of the story ... The family is posting the details of what is happening on their facebook page. That's not "the other side", that's the parent's side.
They only have to cover the charges until you are stabilized, then they can require that you be transferred to a hospital that is in-network. If you show up so far into labor that there's no time to transport you to another hospital then they can make you and the baby transfer after the birth.
Quote: Originally Posted by MaterPrimaePuellae I thought this article was interesting; it cites the risk as 1 in 1000 in an adult woman with one low-dose scan: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/heal...h/ct-scan-risk 1/1000 is a far cry from 1/100, and contracting cancer is not the same thing as dying from it. Thank you for posting that, though I would prefer to read those statistics out of a research report and not an article in a popular...
Keep in mind that there are 2 sides to every story, and the truth usually rests somewhere in the middle. Such is probably true for this case, especially when the only side of the story you're hearing is the one printed in the media.
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