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Please, I still want to see the evidence that having a CT scan can directly result in a 1/100 chance of dying from cancer.
Most of the time my clients and I are treated respectfully, but there are definitely some hospitals and some doctors we go out of our way to avoid. Like the one who patted my client's hand and said "it's okay honey, you're safe now".
What you have described isn't just weird, it's unprofessional, and shady. If you're going to put yourself out there as a professional you need to act like one in all aspects of your practice, including your financial policies. I'm glad you got some resolution even if it was arbitrary.
Quote: Originally Posted by eastkygal Is there anything condescending about a birth plan? There's nothing inherently condescending about making your wishes known. However, how would you feel if someone came to visit you in your home and chose to sit by themselves in the corner and shun you, refused your food and drink, refused to take their shoes off when walking on your new carpet, refused to use your restroom, and became annoyed any time you...
I'm a licensed CPM and my clients have been treated as having no prenatal care, even with the records (including all labs and ultrasounds) in hand. I use standard professional forms that the physicians are familiar with too, not my own made up "hippy dippy" forms. I have also had the hospital throw my records away because they "did not find them relevant". It was infuriating because they did not give all the pages back to me when they made the copies, and when I went back...
Quote: Originally Posted by SquidMommy Nashville - Throughout the thread, I've perceived a certain level of frustration with me, from you. That just goes to show how easily one can read into things that aren't there when communicating by electronic media. I have no reason to be frustrated with you. I don't even know you. As far as taking her time to consider how to provide you with the best care, would you rather have a "no" today than a "yes"...
You could just spray it and wipe it down with a sanitizer instead.
What exactly did your midwife say in her response email? Considering the degree of miscommunication between everyone when you're talking in person, could you have misread the tone of her email?
Have you considered that the midwife feels equally ambiguous about your meeting since your husband spent the entire interview on the computer? That would have affected the way she interacted with you too. She might see you and your husband as a team, and half of that team was checked out.
No. The global fee is for prenatal, delivery, and postpartum. If a client leaves my care and that flat fee no longer applies then I wipe the slate and start over with a new itemized bill.
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