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I calculated it too, but then realized the OP also didn't say that her first birth took place in Pennsylvania... And yes, I can totally see a hospital record being 40 pages long.
We're traveling 5 hours at 38 weeks to spend Thanksgiving with our family, but I'm planning a home birth and don't mind having the baby at my in-laws house if she comes early.
Many CNMs work in direct collaboration with physicians who can co-manage high-risk situations.
Pacifer Use When Breastfeeding recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics
Association of Pre- and Perinatal Psychology? (I wish they'd drop the "Pre-" as it's rather redundant)
Quote: Originally Posted by MsBlack Clearly, this is not the way your CNM practices; she is following 'usual prenatal routine' of doing the GTT after 24wks--it really is the most common med. maternity care routine. Actually, for women who are at high risk for GD the standard of care is to perform the test early in pregnancy. If I understand correctly, she had already failed the test at 10 weeks - there was no call for waiting to repeat the test...
First on the little stuff... routine urine screening is not supported by evidence and many practices are getting away from it altogether. Fundal height measurements are considered to be normal within 4 cm from your weeks of pregnancy, but only AFTER 20 weeks, so I wouldn't even have been measuring you at all until now. However, I would have been much more cautious with the diabetes screening. You say you already failed the test at 10 weeks? What treatment plan were you...
Wow, that sounds like a sure-fire way to get yourself on the nurse's bad list and be treated like a problem patient.
Fees for Hospital Medical Records by State
Can you see a doctor? Don't suffer when you can get treated.
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