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My nearly 6-year old DD is very spirited. wild=energetic or exuberant
A very late reply. You popped into my mind today, and I wondered when you delivered and how it went. Congratulations on the safe arrival of Wyatt! He's just shy of 7 months old, now. How did everyone adjust? Take care, K
I chose 'abused' - physically, verbally, emotionally. I find I need to work extra hard to use GD, and am not always successful, but I don't hit my kids.
to address his fear of rolling over on the baby, can you sleep between him and the baby, with DS's side of the bed up against a wall, so he can't fall off? I used a bedrail at times, too, when DD's side could not be against a wall. i agree with the PP who said it sounds like the whole cosleeping thing needs to be worked out, not just the heater thing. wishing you luck and peace, mama!
Personally, I really like the YES! bra. I bought mine from EBay (new!). I have four of them, and have found they wash and wear well. They have a nice bamboo pattern on the fabric. Good luck
Quote: Originally Posted by Liz The article also says: "Canada, however, has plenty of company in condoning corporal punishment, Fisher said. Only 14 countries in the world have prohibited any form of violence against children." Canada's law is the same and/or actually tougher than many in the United States'. I am proud that Canada's envoy to the UN, Stephen Lewis, would stand up in front of the world and be openly critical of his own country....
Quote: Originally Posted by lilliansmom i do agree with this view, but i must also agree with others' who state the fact that the crib and bedding manufacturers give money to the AAP.:
Quote: Originally Posted by moondiapers I would cut down on my volunteering. Let them know that you love being involved but can only help out when your dh can watch the kids because you feel your children aren't cared for properly. I really like this idea. It presents the impact of the poor care upon the rest of the church commuunity-not that it's punishment, but, truly, the chilcare services they provide DO have more impact (for the poor...
i agree that i would not worry about a 3 year-old not pronouncing /th/ correctly. i respectfully disagree that it is okay for a child over 5 or 6 to not have it mastered. i would certainly be concerned about a child over 6. are there other speech or language issues your doctor has concerns about? i would not recommend seeing an S-LP at 3 for that particular sound!!!
my dd wanted her own bed a bit after she turned 3. that said, she often is with me and ds at night now. i am not sure when ds will want to transition. i hope it's not too soon, however, as we only *have* a 2 bedroom house
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