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I just moved to NC - before I moved I researched and found home births attended by midwives are illegal? Is this not true? I'm not planning on having any more but in case I ever did, I was figuring out what I'd do because I would only have a home birth.
Yay, other vegetarians!!! I've been vegetarian for about 4 months, but for years I've eaten very little meat and my body has always been repulsed by it. I just didn't realize it would be ok to listen to my body and drop meat till recently. I'd say I'm vegan, but DH and I are temporarily living with my parents who eat almost nothing but animal products so there are times that I can't avoid a tiny bit of dairy or eggs. Luckily it's at least all raw though. So far my...
Me too! I had DD at home, this will be my 2nd and I'm not even considering any other option. Birthing at home is just so natural, beautiful, and to be surrounded only by loving supportive people of your choosing is just priceless.
Hey ladies! Don't know if any of you will remember me, I went offline for over six months, I was going to say hello on the CTA thread and realized I don't recognize one single name over there anymore! things seem to have changed alot. So is this thread all for people who got preggers whatevering? Because I just did!!! Due Feb 8th, and super excited! So, mind if I join? Though looks like I am WAY behind the rest of you
Hi everyone! I'm due Feb 5th! DH and I went from charting to avoid to whatevering, hoping to get preggers but not sure if we would because we weren't actually trying. I started college last week so we had just decided maybe we should go back to avoiding and waiting, and then we found out we're preggers! We have a daughter who turned 3 in March, so they'll be almost 4 years apart which I'm excited about. I really didn't want them to be more than that. I'm so...
Quote: Originally Posted by Toolip So, I know what you guys are talking about (I think ), but what does SR stand for? Seminal Residue
It just occurred to me that perhaps SR can have different textures? I think I read that recently, that it has varying amounts of fertility potential at different times depending on how heavy or thick it is. That just kinda sounds gross, but maybe that's why I have trouble being sure what is SR and what is me.
Quote: Originally Posted by MovingMomma Are you sure it's CM and not SR? I think the morning of a huge clear shift w/early dry up like that is about as safe a cheat as you can make. Well I guess I'm not sure... it's not usually not this hard to tell. Since the amount of SR varies, it could just be more than usual... I'm not sure.
Oh I should add that in my intercourse data, if it's marked xx we used w/d, but the other stuff is "normal."
I got my 3rd day of high temps today, and I know you're supposed to wait till the night of the 3rd or 4th day (forget which one), but I DTD this morning and told DH I thought we were ok. I figured since by the time you have even one high temp you've already theoretically missed the fertile window, and knowing it's "safer" to cut a little time off at the end of the fertile window than before it, if that makes sense. But just a bit ago I got some stretchy/watery (not...
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