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Oh, the books that promote weaning at 6 months and are extremely anti bedsharing are A Guide to Child Health and Conception, Birth and Early Childhood. I understand that this is not the  norm in Northern America today.   Basically I am really quite comfortable with taking what I like and leaving the rest in my own home. I know what I like, why I like it and what I will not accept, and why.   My problem is that while I get along with most of the people drawn to...
NM, I am being petulant.
So, I was born into a family who practied Anthroposophy. I went to a Waldorf school and the Anthroposophical church (Christian Community) etc etc.    And I was pretty much planning on doing the whole Waldorf thing (although Jewish) for my kids, minus the weaning at 6 months and rigid rule of never ever allowing your baby or child into your bed under any circumstances whatsoever.   Only the more I looked into Anthroposophy, the more I was disturbed and...
I have Little Acorn, although it is rather hectic with holidays here in Israel, so I plan to get back into it in October. Although I skip the colours of the days, grain for the day etc. I am enjoying making a bird chart for birds spotted on our morning walk.
No, not yet.   Beyond being very hesitant to inject Aluminum. At least until we have a clear idea of what the risks are. And which populations are at a higher risk for poor outcome associated with injected Al.  
I am following the relationship between Al and  ASIA, "Autoimmune (Auto-inflammatory) Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants".  
For Israelis.   https://www.atzuma.co.il/freebirth   The petition against these new regulations.
Thank you so much for your time and your thoughtful reply.   I am definitly struggling myself, with anxiety. And I am prioritising addressing that.   I will update here when we have had some time to make a plan and implement it.
My son has always been reticent around strangers and in new situations. This is not new. However, as his baby sister starts moving about and demanding more attention (she is 10 months) I can see him becoming more anxious.   My husband and I have discussed this, and we both feel like it has to do with him feeling insecure with his place in our family.   In day to day stuff he now refuses to go to our homeschooling meet ups. Although he plays one on one at home or...
  I pretty much like whatever you have to say.   I think feeling like you have to defend your parenting is horrible - whatever the parenting style/philosophy.   I know MDC offered me a place to get affirmation for more alternative things like homebirth, exclusive breastfeeding, keeping young children at home, whole foods etc. I was totally on my own IRL, and the virtual world gave me the support I needed at that time.   Unfortunately, as a new parent, I also thought...
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