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Quote: Originally Posted by ms.shell LOL. My mama always said it as another way of saying "pitch a fit"....you know, act ugly. Okay, pitch a fit I understand! But I do like this new (to me) saying of showing your behind!
Quote: Originally Posted by ms.shell maybe ya'll can help me calm down before i show my butt when dp gets home. I have been crying and am really upset and am in danger of really showing my behind when dp gets home. I'm glad it worked out and that you had a nice evening. I just had to post because I have never in my life heard this expression quoted above! I have no clue what it means, but it sure does sound funny!
This is my fourth and the first time I am not finding out. It is driving me utterly completely insane! I so want to know! But I said that I would not find out this time around and I stuck to my word so that's a good thing. Right?
My dd was going into fourth and my ds into first when we decided to homeschool. They miss their public school friends- I am so not good at keeping in contact with people and could probably do a lot better in that department (if I really wanted to). Regardless though, it has been fantastic, and other than missing the interaction with their ps friends on a daily basis, I am sure that the kids like homeschool better.
Oh how I love this thread! The non-alcoholic brew just isn't cutting it and I have been dying for even a taste of regular beer. You guys have convinced me not to feel guilty if I take a sip off of dh's beer- Thank you!
How are things going for you now? Feeling better? Any major complaints/problems? Nothing major What week are you now? How are you feeling overall? 25 weeks tomorrow. I'm tired. Achy. Regular pregnancy stuff. Silly, get to know you questions - Have you ever shopped at a Trader Joe's? Oh yes and certainly not enough! It is about twenty minutes away and in the other direction than I usually go out for so I do not get there nearly as often as I would...
I'm on #4 and I got more comments when I was pg with #3. I had already had a girl and boy and people constantly asked me why I was having another when I had a girl and boy. I did not realize that that was the sign to stop having kids. I do get a lot of "you must be brave" comments though. I'm not sure why it is brave to have four kids...
I gained almost 100 pounds (no joke) with all three of my children and I seem to be well on the way with this one too. One was 7lbs 14oz and two were 8lbs 6oz- so definitely not huge babies. I literally almost double my weight. My docs were never concerned because I eat relatively healthy, blood pressure was always good, I always lose the weight, etc. It's just that my body must like to be extremely huge when I am pregnant! It happens and is okay and does not...
Welcome! I think you will find many like-minded mamas here!
Thanks- I think I'm going to try that! Yanking it up for nursing is a lot more practical for me. At this point I'm willing to pay almost anything so I will definitely look into them!
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