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I'm still trying to decide because it will not be convenient for us so I'm trying to decide if it is worth it. I have heard no complaints about it so I don't know my hesitation other than the convenience factor... (It would be our first time too)
Quote: Originally Posted by Jess H. West Allis (west of Milwaukee) I visit the West Allis Farmers Market quite often when it is open!
Quote: Originally Posted by ~*Jaime I have no idea who Murphy is : I must have missed that part in the book. I don't think I saw an answer posted for this. Murphy is referring to Murphy's Law- if anything can go wrong, it will.
Within the last two weeks I have had various people from my past contact me: an old boyfriend of a friend of mine from high school and three of my best friends from high school that I haven't spoken with in almost twenty years, and just now friends of mine and dh's that we lost contact with a number of years ago. That is a lot of people at once! I understand with the internet it is fairly easy to find people (I am very easy to find)- but geez all at once like this? I...
Way to go Jaime!! That is awesome! :
Subbing for April- Still plugging along on BS2. I have yet to do my taxes : so that is my major priority, oh and April crept up faster than I could come up with a budget : Not starting off with a bang- that's for sure
Quote: Originally Posted by ~*Jaime We have dial up at home, so I am not able to listen to Dave online. I have a faster connection at work though, and tried to find Dave's show online but couldn't. I went to his main site, I was able to hear one call, so I heard the debt free yell but I was wondering if I could hear larger segments somewhere, and if so, where? I posted this a couple of pages back- but this is where I listen to him...
Quote: Originally Posted by TattooedMama This was us this month too. And probably next month as well.... I know there have been a lot of other separate threads about grocery budgets, but those of you that are a family of 4 or more would you share with me what your family's grocery & household expense budget is for the month?? Thanks, Jessica We are a family of 5 plus 2 dogs and my budget for groceries and toiletries is $1000 a month. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Knittin' in the Shade if you've got student loans and a mortgage, then you've already got credit - you don't need consumer credit accounts to improve your credit. at least, that's what I've always been told, and it's fleshed out with both mine and DH's scores (both in the "excellent" category over 730 - his is about 15 points higher than mine) neither of us have credit cards, haven't for almost 6 years, and we've both got...
I've been listening to Dave on this http://radiotime.com/program/p_20156...msey_Show.aspx I've been having a ball listening to the debt free yells! Nothing much to report as far as progress goes. I decided that I wanted a $2000 emergency fund and we are at $1300. Still paying on debt- wish it was gone Still working on getting the budget right, canceled cable, and still trying to decide if I need that ING account
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