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Quote: Originally Posted by NYCVeg Beyond that, I think people really need to get over the idea that being gay dooms you to a life of pain. Exactly! I said something along the same lines like eight pages ago. It really pains me to see all these responses about the horrible life that gay people have to endure. Anyone can have a life of pain, not just gay people. Being gay does not make someone's life worse. And I have to say re:...
I don't but my husband does and it drives me insane. He does it so freaking loud every single morning while I am trying to get my extra fifteen minutes of sleep. The shower shares a wall with my head in the bedroom. It sounds like he is completely blowing out his sinuses. Ugh :
Quote: Originally Posted by Ygle Anyways... I often like to cook up large batches of food a couple times a week and then that works for quick meals for all of us. Even things like porridge, I save the extra and we just micro it when in a morning rush, it just makes life so, so much easier (actually, I'm not even sure how I would reheat it on the stove, it's so dry). I feel like without the micro I would be spending most of my day, every day cooking... ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ygle How do those with larger families survive the summer months without a micro? I'm really curious about this -I feel like the micro is such a life saver at those times, and I know from research I've done in the past the radiant energy from the oven can often times be more damaging to foods than the micro (the enzyme issue with breastmilk is because hot spots can be created in the micro... the enzymes would also be destroyed...
Quote: Originally Posted by ladyinred Plus I heard that it was harder to wash cloth diapers in HE front loaders. Do you have to put them on the rinse cycle twice or anything? I rinsed them twice in mine, but that was probably of my own paranoia than really needing to. I rinsed them twice in my top loader too.
Quote: Originally Posted by sabrinat ...It can make it a challenge to march to the beat of your own drummer when you live where everyone is constantly buying or trying to get bigger and better. Oh I can totally relate!
We live in a small-ish house. It is around 1200 sf and there are five of us. No master bath. It was built in 1926 and is a bungalow. I love the history of it. We moved from an almost 4000 sf house. I love it and if I could convince my husband to go smaller I would. He misses the bigger house but I have no clue why. Maybe because he didn't have to clean it
I wrote out a long response and it didn't post grrr. Okay I had a front loader for years and then we moved two years ago and I got top loader. It doesn't have an agitator thingy so it is supposed to be gentle like a front loader. Regardless, I miss my front loader so so much. I loved it! I never had issues regarding detergent, vinegar or mold. It so was great
We haven't had a microwave for about five years I think. It embarrasses my dh to no end. I am confident I made the right decision for our family by getting rid of it, plus I am the one doing the cooking so it did not affect him in any way. I do not miss it one bit. I don't even own a toaster oven (although this thread is making me think I need one! lol).
Subbing : We're getting a new fridge soon (this weekend I hope) and it will be a perfect time to do inventory!
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