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It's so hard to pick just one, but I'd have to go with her belly! The way it sticks out when she stretches is so adorable I can hardly stand it. I *must* kiss it!!
I don't know what it means, but my kids and I would think it was fantastic! :) They love Atreyu! And the other little boy - the one reading the story - was Bastian, which was mentioned earlier, and has always been cool. Sebastian always makes me think of the lead singer of the (how old am i again?) band Skid Row, but that's not a bad thing for me.   I know there's a band out there somewhere called Atreyu now, but I don't know their music... cause again,... I'm old. :)  
All of that! This is absolutely true with my SILs... and they're not horrible people, they're just... shall I say "questionable" parents. They haven't moved on up to our way of thinking yet. Lord knows I'm trying to enlighten them. But gently... and not very successfully. Hence the separation and the view that I'm protecting my children, not punishing anyone else. My older SIL would occasionally tell me she'd be "happy to babysit" or have my kids over for a slumber...
In OREGON?? Wow! I expected that down South here, but ... wow. I'm so sorry you were subjected to that! I'd throw down for sure. Wish I was close enough to do a nurse-in with you!
  and too, so take from my experience what you will, but because I didn't think twice about it,  I have been consuming bits of mine frozen in smoothies since my little one was born 5/31/11. God has been pretty consistently blunt with me too, so I know what you mean. :) I had a history of both ppd and fairly severe depression not related to ppd. I did NOT want to go down that path again, and was determined to do whatever it took to avoid that this time around. I can tell...
I'm WAY late in this game, and not sure if "Tiramisu" has been mentioned, (not reading through 444 posts tonight to find out, either! :D ) but I've always thought it would be loveiy for a girl! Adorable for a kid with some possible adult nicknames. Plus being my favorite dessert! But I just had who is likely my last little love, and while it took us a couple of weeks to work out her full name, I just couldn't get "Tiramisu" into the mix! Lol...   I did get a little...
I'm more shocked than bored tonight... I laid Edie down for a minute of tummy time and she fell asleep! Not sure what to do with myself, so I stopped by. I *should* be working on her birth story... STILL trying to write it all down.     Two days, one inch, and just over a pound off. And oh yeah... missed the sex totally.    
Definitely looks like very few of us are making it back here with any regularity now, but in case any of you do, I just wanted to say I never intended to disappear for a month after announcing Edie's arrival! But between issues with our ISP and Edie, I haven't been able to get back here at ALL. I haven't even been able to type our her birth story, and I worry that I'm already losing details. I just suck at NAKing, and she is, shall I say, a "high-need" baby. A bit...
Edie Evangeline is here! May 31st, 7:23 am, 9 lbs, 10 oz, 22 inches long, and impossibly precious! Can't believe she's a girl, but who knew? :) She's just exactly who we wanted, and our babymooning has been wonderful. Labor was about 6.5 hours long, just under my usual 7.25 hours. SO intense too... much more so than my first two. Looking forward to typing out my birth story though.
Oh Cerise.   I'm so so sorry. What a gift you gave him, to birth him like you promised you would. You're in my prayers.
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