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Sorry for the reporting delay, ladies, but I am so happy and grateful to announce that Edie Evangeline was born into the water and her daddy's hands at 7:23 am, May 31st - just sneaking in under the line as a May baby. :)   A GIRL!! Oh, we just laughed out loud... so sure we were having a boy. She was 9 pounds, 10 ounces, and 22 inches long. I was indeed happy I had no idea just how big she was going in to that birth. It was very intense for me, and I'm still trying...
Congratulations, Skrimpy and SmashingPeggy! Welcome Honor and Willow!
Just adding my hugs and prayers, Cerise!
Congratulations! What a wonderful birth! Welcome Sweet Baby Girl!
What a great birth story! What a wonderfully different experience this time around - and I'm so amazed you had a 7+ pound baby girl in that tiny belly! ;)
Hugs, tzs! I hope things smooth out for you soon!
Congratulations on your little Honor! What a cutie!
Evergreen, Happy Due Date! Can't believe I'm still here and pg with you!   Elonwy I am SO sorry you're dealing with all that crap! Can't believe we both skipped over May 28th like it wasn't there. AntiLVs for you!! Frustrating to go through so much preparation and then be possibly derailed by something so beyond your control!! :( Your attitude should help you relax and heal, I hope!   Camprunner, sorry you're in so much discomfort, and I hope things...
edited because I'm silly....
  Right?? Think maybe you just tipped me off to my subconscious block! "Oh yeah... I'm freaking CLUELESS!!"   I keep telling myself it could not be any crazier than it was with my dd - not just that she was our firstborn, but in retrospect I think she had some chiro issues and at the time I had never gone to a chiro and I had no idea they also worked with children. She had raging latch/positional issues with breastfeeding, didn't like to cuddle, only had weekly bowel...
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