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Congratulations! Welcome Baby B!
Becca!! Woohoo!!! Nicely done! And what a little doll!   Oh, just to be able to roll over in bed!!! :) I've gained just under sixty pounds,... I have a hard time believing that - I felt so much worse than this my first pg when I gained forty, but it's the rolling over, the getting up and down, right now just the walking. Really, it's like I'm walking around with a baby's head between my thighs, and well.. I guess I kinda am, so that would explain it. I've had so much...
Congratulations, Rae! Welcome Peter! Can't wait to see and hear more!
Thanks, Evergreen! It's surreal to me... both times before I was stressing about whether or not my dh would make it and he's pretty much been off work since Wed and definitely won't even have to think about going back until Tuesday, if not later. So he's here unpacking and thank heavens, cuz I'm sure not doing it! ;) I'm actually just hanging around, not much to worry about. Doing some laundry... realizing I should go ahead and pack for the birth center but still not...
Quote: Same same here, though I did have some BH with the other two, there was no "huh, is THIS it?" - I just knew for sure both times. I couldn't say why or how. I wouldn't know what to do if my water broke first - with both kids it didn't break until they were essentially crowning. Probably scare the hell out of me if that happened first! Lol... I'd be expecting a baby within a minute! This time I feel like I've had a lot more intense BHs than with the first two,...
Good grief, they are all SO impossibly cute!!! I'd missed so many pics!
Evergreen, that's awesome! What a relief for you, and now hopefully you're little one will be ready sooner rather than later, if they've been getting all they need all along!   Karen and Ryleeee, I hope you guys can stay ahead of the issues with engorgement. I can't tell you how weird it is to think I'll be breastfeeding a baby in the next couple of weeks... weird in a good way of course!   My appt went great and I did see my mw and as per usual, any issues were...
Word! And mine's not even here yet! Lol!   Congratulations Becky and Morganlefay! Welcome Xander and Ada!  
Congratulations, Becky! What sweet cheeks! Welcome, Xander!
Holy cow - I'm so glad I came here to read what's going on, I was missing a LOT of lurking mamas' announcements! Congratulations to all of you!   Cerise, that's wonderful that everything is still as it should be! Hope things continue down that path to your VBAC!   L&K, LOVE that little face!! So sweet!
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