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HOLY COW!! Girl, no wonder you're having to restrain yourself from running! LOL - Putting the two of us side by side is SUCH an illustration of "everyone's different!"    
Thanks for the encouragement! :) I need it!!
Congratulations! Way to stick with your instincts!
I had planned with my first birth - not a u/c, nor intended to be one - to have moms, sisters and such there. Dh objected on the grounds that it was OUR experience, not theirs, and while I was kind of surprised, I honored that. I was SO glad I did. I was so much happier with the minimum number of people there...   Later I read that for every observer a birthing mother has, it adds a good two hours to her labor - I *think* that was Michael Odent who asserted that, I...
Congratulations! What a doll!
We're going to spend our first night in the 'new' house tonight, which will be fun. I think. Trying to prepare the kids for "old house" noises! :) We've been in transition and with family and stuff for so long, dh and I haven't actually had OUR OWN bedroom since late 2009 - so if nothing else, at least an hour or so should be REALLY fun. ;) Still can't believe we managed to get pg while living with my grandmother.   Lots of sitting and pointing and feeling...
Totally what Evergreen said - Good grief that is SO SWEET!! :D
He is so CUTE!! You both look great!
He is so sweet with those cheeks!! :)  
YES!!!   I couldn't believe it when I asked my mw to check me and I had to bear down and she kind of pushed on his booty to get him down there so she could get a "grip" on my cervix. It feels like I'm waddling around with his head between my knees!    
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