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  I'm so sorry, Becca. I'll definitely be sending labor-y prayers your way!   That being said, I think it's a good thing you're trying to prepare yourself for how you want things to go if you can't avoid the RCS - hopefully if you can find a bit of peace with that, it will help you to relax and bring on labor the way you want it, sooner!
Now that is a happy thought! :)
Congratulations! Welcome Natalie!   What a lovely birth! :)
YES.   Ohhhh yes. At least, that was my experience. Lots of counterpressure on your back, (stick two tennis balls in a sock and have dh or doula or anyone press/roll them into the pain, hot and cold rice bags are also happy, the heels of whomever's hands pressing into it helped too) and I would've killed for a warm tub, but I was in a hospital that didn't roll that way. :(   Rocking, rotating my hips, on the birth ball helped too, if you have one.     Sending you...
Congratulations, Lacie! Welcome Dylan! Sounds like every thing went very well with all you had to deal with! Love that picture!     Maybe you can let Logan pick out a couple more flowers and take some pictures with them? :)    
Congratulations! Welcome Finlay!   What a great essay! :)
I was thinking it sounds like you ARE in labor too... and that Farren knows what she's talking about. :) You know your heart and where it's leading - I'd go with that over others' experiences.   That being said, I'd be torn between the castor oil and just doing the AROM. I'm not a huge fan of either, either, but ... sometimes things just need a kick in the pants. With dh's supposed to be leaving soon, us needing him to be both here AND making money somehow (not going...
Becca, I hope SOMEthing is happening for you! How frustrated you must feel!   Camprunner, I hope things calm down for you!   I feel just like all of you seem to feel! Well.. except for Seafox! I kind of WISH I felt like you do! :) And hope things go as you want them to. Dh is supposed to leave tomorrow - I told him today I really don't know how to deal with that - I'm supposed to meet the internet guy up at the house on Friday... fair enough but the house is 45...
Hey Ladies!   Keeping up is hard to do in the midst of this move, so know that I'm thinking of you all each day! I was excited to see three new little ones arrived while I was checked out!   I'm still pg.   Argh.   The move in is going fairly well - it rained all day today and we realized the roofer dude, if you will, must've already resealed our goofy old metal-shingle roof, since there were no leaks! (and the last time it rained, hard but for a very...
Congratulations, Beth! Welcome Ella! She is just adorable - really sweet pictures! I love her expressions. :)
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