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Quote: Originally Posted by michelemiller hypnobirthing isn't a childbirth class? then what is it?? LOL I would say that it's more of a "childbirth hypnosis" class. I don't feel like it contained a heck of a lot of actual childbirth information aside from hypnosis for relaxation, but YMMV depending on your teachers. So, that's why I said that.
Yes, but ... do you feed them a biologically appropriate raw diet?
Just want to make a quick additional comment. Hypnobirthing is not a childbirth class, but I believe HypnoBabies is. So if you need/want both, Hypnobabies is probably a better option than taking two classes. Secondly, Hypnobabies makes a special emphasis on positions and moving, and "eyes open" hypnosis, which is another improvement on Hypnobirthing. (I'm just talking about in course materials; I'm sure some Hypobirthing instructors must flesh out the material.) ...
I haven't read all the other posts yet, but I can only offer my own experience. I took Hypnobirthing for my first pregnancy/birth. While I agreed with the theory, our teachers weren't great, and it didn't cover a LOT. So while it helped me some, it didn't help me as much as I wanted it to, and I didn't get a lot of basic info that should have been included. This time around I got the Hypnobabies homestudy. It's already, obviously, WAY more comprehensive than my...
We've had a family bed since DD was born, and if it killed our sex life, I don't know how/why we're expecting another one now. We all sleep in the same place. Sometimes DH doesn't sleep with us if he needs to get up extra-early, so as not to wake the hyper toddler for the day, but otherwise, it's all of us. If we want time alone together, we go anywhere else while DD sleeps. Couch, floor, spare room, whatever. It's just never been a problem.
Quote: Originally Posted by journeymom About this newly married, really young couple in Canada, I think. The female half of that duo, Karla Homolka, was just released on parole. I wish I hadn't seen or read "It," "The Mothman Prophecies," "Day of the Dead," "Deliverance," "Cannibal Ferox," "I Spit on your Grave," and almost any Tarantino movie, except for "True Romance." I'm a horror fan, but some of those were just gratuitously...
We're not finding out. It's sooo hard when I see so many people excitedly finding out, but we're trying to hold firm. Well, we kind of have to; my midwife doesn't do routine U/S. Hurray for the green team!
Congrats! Little girls are awesome.
Cool pics! I'm glad your appointment went well.
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