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My sister's daughter will be 3 in June. She gets constipated often and has a hard time with bowel movements. She doesn't let herself poop, especially when she's not at her own house. A few times, her bowel movements (after being constipated) have made her bleed a little. Now she's freaked out about the toilet and refuses to sit on it. My niece screams and screams. My sister has tried prunes, prune juice, Natural Calm, and a few other things, but having easier bowel...
We started trying EC when DS was 4 months old. I thought it would be a cool thing to try. We aren't hardcore about it. In fact, I gave up on the nighttime potty because he was not digging it. At 6 months, we started sign language with him. I'm happy to say at 12 months, the two came together. Last week he started giving us the potty sign. YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Now if only we could tackle the nighttime....
One of the best pieces of advice I have received? "You are your baby's expert. No one knows your baby like you do."
Quote: Originally Posted by TanyaLopez A nice side benefit of no solids is that colds are milder--I really noticed this with #2. Hmmm... DS woke up every hour last night which is very unusual for him. This morning his nose is runny and he has a bit of a cough. We fly across the nation tomorrow to go back home. Time to super load him on breastmilk and hope for the best!!!
Thank you - it's always nice to hear from others who have walked the path before me!
DS is 7.5 months old. We've tried banana and avocado a couple of times, which he didn't like. I tried sweet potato next but he puked it all up, plus some. I haven't been in a rush to get him on solids, but was wondering if that's a good thing or not at almost 8 months old. I wasn't planning on giving him any cereal yet. Any words of wisdom/encouragement?
Has anyone ever heard/used clove oil to relieve teething pain? If so, how do I apply (rub on gums)? I'm currently using Hyland's homeopathic teething tablets, but my uncle suggested clove oil and I was curious. If this is not the best forum for this question, please direct me to the right one. Thanks!
We have the GE energy-star front-loader washing machine and dryer and love them. Less water and less detergent used. We use cloth diapers so at first I couldn't figure out how to easily get the dirty diapers into the front-loading washing machine. We solved our problem with putting the diapers into a mesh bag in the diaper pail. I pull out the mesh bag and throw it all into the washing machine. Works great!
Since we are using cloth diapers and cloth diaper wipes, we thought the next step should be the elimination of paper towels. We still keep a roll of paper towels in the kitchen but it lasts for a month or two now. We bought a dozen cloth napkins and keep them by our kitchen sink. I also use old t-shirts pieces for one-time uses. And a dedicated sponge for cleaning floor stuff or other yucky stuff. DH asked about eliminating toilet paper, but that's a step too far for me!
I had a natural vaginal childbirth and had a small tear that was stitched by midwife with 3 stitches. It took stitches ~6 weeks to dissolve, despite sitting in sitz bath and doing everything the birth center told me to do. That was 6 months ago and sex with husband is still painful. Is this normal? I definitely do not feel like my pre-pregnancy self and am scared to think that this is the way I will be forever. It feels as if my pelvic floor (or perineum) is very...
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