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Ha!  I came here hoping for info on trolls too!  I wasn't sure if people would be "allowed" to mention it.  So no one has any idea what's going on?  I'm bored and I've done all my homework!
We just switched to her from Main Street Pediatrics in Bridgeport.  She is fantastic!  But she's going on maternity leave soon, not sure for how long.   The 2 docs who are the head of Main Street are fantastic as well, Dr Roy and Dr. Sarah, ok with no/delayed vaxes.  Some of the other docs will give you a bit of a hard time, but nothing big.  We only switched because I live in Milford and was sick of going to B'port.
Saw it today with my 7.5 yo DS and he loved it.  He wasn't too scared at all.  When I asked him what was the worst part he said "the almost naked Harry and Hermione kissing"!  :lol  I thought the animated sequence while telling the tale of the Deadly Hallows was absolutely beautiful, a really nice addition.  Can't wait until July!!
You said your oldest like to read and wants something with a screen...what about an ebook reader, like a nook or a kindle?  That's what my almost 8 year old wants most for x-mas this year.  I have a nook and he loves reading on it.  
We have both.  DS likes the x-box better for games that require a lot of "joystick" type movements, the Wii controllers are more frustrating for things like that.  Sports games and stuff he loves the Wii.  Those "Lego" brand games, like Harry Potter and Starwars, he likes much better on the X-Box.  We currrently have them hooked up to 2 diffferent TVs since my DH also uses the x-box, it's in our room, but we have had them both hooked to one tv with no problems.
Do you use a crate? Time outs worked really well to curb biting with our pup. He's just 5 mo and hasn't bitten in quite a while. We had a zero tolerance policy for biting, because he's a pretty big pup. As soon as he bit, he got told "That's enough, time out" and put in his crate, no yelling or anything, just calm. We would only leave him there for a minute (maybe even less) and it really helped. ETA: You've got to be super consistent though, if he bites again 2...
Thanks! They were fun to make and pretty easy too!
Such cute kids! I'm jealous of those few barefoot kids. It was pretty cold last night here in CT. Mine were Perseus and Medusa.
Quote: Originally Posted by limabean Thanks for the replies! I made the costume last night and it came out really cute. I used muslin and just zigzagged the neck hole for now -- it looks okay but not great, so I might end up adding bias tape before Halloween if I find the time. I agree that costumes don't have to be perfect (and don't usually get examined that closely anyway), so I might just leave it as-is. I also ended up making a pair of brown...
Quote: Originally Posted by Barbie64g Thats awsome! One of my favorite movie lines.
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