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Sorry to be the three million and first...gotta start somewhere. I got moved over here before realizing (or remembering?) this particular flavored board exists (don't frequent babywearing forums), plus search doesn't tend to work for me here. Thanks for the reply. I know I'll be hot...just looking for cooler alternatives and sun protection for my babe. I will check TBW for used.
Oh...ooops...not familiar with this forum. Hopefully I'll get more responses this way!
Congrats! I "feel" your pain and joy! I also homebirthed a baby with shoulder dystocia the end of last month -- first time for both (shoulder issue and HB) and so very intense and shocking for me, yet so thankful that baby and I were at home and not hospitalized.
Um, please help? The last time I had a little bitty baby in the summer was 12 years ago...and all I had was a Snugli, so I didn't do a lot of babywearing. (Sigh) My likes/dislikes, etc... I love my BH mei tai, but my LO gets way too hot in it outdoors right now. I do have a couple of pouches, which are fine for quick trips and around the house, but I prefer having the support of both shoulders when on walks/hikes/outings with my active family. Plus, they're...
I know some people don't prefer more than one middle, but that's ok since they don't get naming rights on your new baby. (Isn't it great!) You should do what feels right to you! Whatever you decide, she'll have the perfect name and you can't lose that way. Have you taken a little time using each combo on her to see what fits? FWIW, all three of our girls have two middle names. It just happened to work out that way with our first DD and then there were three...
Thanks... Earthmama - having BTDT, I really appreciate your post. It's amazing how a healthy baby and a dose of validation and complete understanding can help one's perspective. Thank you!
NAK It's not that I didn't have my perfect birth. I tried not to go into it with set ideals. However, after a great labor, unexpectedly having a baby completely stuck in my birth canal due to very tight shoulders - considered dystocia (and a double-wrapped cord/upward chin pulling her back up) was quite traumatizing for me. And the pain was so crazy that I was completely out of it when she was finally born, so I missed out on the initial bliss I was so desperately...
Thanks for your reply, elfinbaby. Being a difficult birth, both physically and emotionally, it took a couple of weeks for me to be able to share it (wondering now if I should have?)...anyway...thanks.
1ht Thanks! Could her birth story be attached, please? (link above) Also, Hope is her second middle name, not her last name...if it could be added after Jacey (unless it's a space thing). TIA!
nak LOL, I've BTDT once upon a time...just not this time. I'm currently nursing my one baby almost constantly around the clock. I'd love a 4hr chunk, but at this girl's frequent rate (more so than my others at 2wks), I'd also freak right now if she slept all night. Hope you can enjoy some rest when given the chance.
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