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Yep, quite precious! Congratulations! I love her little hat, dipe, and socks with the "clovers" on them - what a cute thing to do.
I understand what you're saying. Even though our two oldest kids can and will likely be helpful, I'm worried about this, too. We just moved here last year and, while we have begun to make friends at church, we still have nobody we feel very comfortable with calling to come over and help. This is our first homebirth, so new territory for us and my parents are three+ hours away. Our youngest won't feel secure being taken away from me; she's very much a mama's girl. ...
Congratulations on your brand new little one!
He's beautiful; congrats to you and your family!
He looks so sweet; congratulations!
They're so sweet!
How wonderful! Congratulations on your new baby girl!
My MW gave me what she supplies and I got a list of what I needed to buy/supply. There was only ONE thing I needed (well, wanted) to order (bought the rest locally) and that was a pool liner. The liner was only $15...the shipping? $8!!! Yikes! (It just arrived and wasn't heavy at all.) I think the S&H is a lot of times calculated by cost bracket rather than weight. That seems senseless to me, but whaddya do?
NOOOO WAAAAAY! Then again, my MIL would never be a midwife. She's not 'motherly' enough (though she did have five kids).
Hi, Sunny! I have been wondering the same thing. I come here, and lo and behold, the question's been asked! We have quite a few here, but with a husband and four kids, it's hard to have 5-6+ extra set aside at all times just for me. Guess I'm no help, but thanks for asking this! Besides, it's my turn to stalk you (nightowlmama/Melissa on SK)...hehe.
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