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Going to be watching this thread intently. I am expecting baby #5, all NCB in hospital. Using a midwife this time, but she doesn't do HB. We have considered switching to a HB midwife, but my DH is an MD, and I really don't want any angst in my birthspace. Good luck with whatever decision you make!
Baby #5 EDD Oct 13
I wouldn't worry about the eye ointment and vitamin k yet. As I would just put those in a no-question asked part of my birth plan under newborn care... With words like "I do not consent to...". I would most likely discuss those with a pediatrician in advance as well. As far as the birth/delivery part, I would just tell her what you expect and if she doesn't seem amiable to them, I'd find a new provider. Good luck, I have had all hospital births, and never had a problem...
I need some advice. I have to make a change, and I am not sure what that change needs to be. My DH and I have four daughters (15,13,3,19mos), and I am 6w pregnant with surprise #5.   The youngest two co-sleep with us and have since birth. With DD #3, I exclusively breastfeed and nursed her thru pregnancy with DD #4 and tandem nursed for the following four months. DD #3 was/is an extremely high-needs baby/child. She has NEVER slept thru the night. I weaned her when...
Wonderful news!
Can you please move my edd from the 20th to the 15th? Thank you!
I am nursing our 9 months old DD, and am very scared about my supply dropping during this pregnancy. We will be tandem nursing as well.
EDD: 7/20/10- Our 13th wedding anniversary! Name: Amber Age: 30 Location: South Family (partner, other children, etc): DH - 35, DD 12, DD 10, DD 9 months! Gender preferences/inklings: We tend to have girls, but a boy would be great too! Names you like: No idea yet! Birth Plans/Preferences: Another drug free hospital birth. Anything else you'd like to share: I am scared! Our sweet baby is only 9 months old, and is still a full time nurser. We will most likely be...
Still here, was due on the the 6th. Impatient, but not willing to evict.
So exciting! Best of luck!
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