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Thanks! She's nearly completely healed, except for the one they lanced. It was plain old staph, and they really made me panicked over nothing.When I met her, she was super-nice, but didn't seem to know I wasn't my SIL. And I remember back when my niece was one, and they were getting MMR, that my SIL had some qualms about the chicken pox vax. Levy convinced he to get it so that she wouldn't have facial scars. The scare tactic worked. So just be aware that she might try...
So Levy's ok with selective/no vax, or at least not pushy?  I've met her before when I took my niece in.  She's my brother's kids ped.  I was hoping not to have to copy after my SIL, but if I have to, I will.     Do you know if she's ever out in the Strongsville office, or just on 82 in Brecksville/BH?
I don't know why we're doing it all by PM, but I haven't been messaged yet with anyone's name, so I'm still waiting.  I figured on the Dr. Tenpenny connection, and the guy in Brooklyn starts with a K and is with MetroHealth. ;)     I'd really love to know the Parma one or the Strongsville one.  Like today.  lol   My dd had to go to urgent care yesterday -- her spider bites are staph-infected.  I have to find someone for follow-up for this weekend or...
Can anyone PM the names of the peds in Parma, Strongsville, Brooklyn?  I think I know who the Brooklyn one is, but it was a long wait to see them last time I tried.  We've been seeing my family practice doctor, who even when I talked to them before DD's last well child and said we weren't doing any more vaxes, and they *said to me* that it was all completely up to the parents, they got all irritated b/c she "needed" 5 of them at her 5 year appt.     They barely even...
You can remove me, too.  After low, but doubling betas last week, I was down to zero this morning.  This makes 3 miscarriages in 18 months.  I may be done.  :(
So sorry, Montessortof. 
I'm so sorry. 
Still kinda hesitant to join, but I have decided to stop stressing out about another m/c and try to love every minute I'm pregnant.  This month was the last month we were going to try before taking a break and thinking about just having one, so I am pretty excited.   *Name (whatever you would like to be called or like us to know you by): Shannon *EDD: March 25 (by LMP) or March 23 (by FF)  *Age/ age when the baby will be born: 36 *Location: Northeast...
I'm so sorry :(
I've got the MTHFR too.  (OK, that's not the right way to say that, but it makes me giggle.)   When they first found I had it, they tested my homocysteine levels too, which were normal, so I got to skip the Foltex or whatever.  I still take a little extra folate though just in case.
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