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Dh and I are married.  I kept my name.  The kids have a mash-up of both of our names.  The last 3 letters of my name followed by the last 4 letters of his name.  It turns out that is a "real" last name.  When we did a Google search there seems to be about 150 people with that name in the U.S.
I am the youngest cousin on both sides.  I am 43.  On my dad's side I have 24 cousins, the oldest is 80 (one year older than my dad who is the youngest of 10 sibs).  Most of my first cousins are old enough to be my aunt/uncle, so that is what I call them.  Their children, my second cousins are my "cousins". On my mom's side, I have 3 cousins, the oldest is 64.   I do have step cousins, but I don't know them at all. 
Haha!  I used this to my advantage with my ds.  When he was 4, we went to buy a new winter coat.  I was in the boy's section, so all the coats were navy, grey or brown.  I asked my ds which one he liked.  He kinda shrugged and said he guessed the blue one.  My lightbulb went on and I went where I knew he could get what he wanted.  The girl's section.  When he saw the pink coats, his face lit up and he said, "That one, Momma!"  He still wears that coat at 9 even though it...
This is sore spot for me.  Girls don't own pink.  All colors are for all people.  My ds's favorite color was pink until he was about 6.  Then, he started getting teased and he changed it to red.  There is no rational reason boys shouldn't wear or like pink.  It is a wave-length on the spectrum of light just like all the others.  Sorry, rant over.  Put your boy in whatever you want. 
I used a Rubbermaid stool in an AuqaDoula.  Just make sure there is no air bubble under it and it won't float.
We took our then 7yo ds and 2yo dd to Disneyland last winter. They both loved it so much. I seriously doubt dd will remember. But, we have memories of her squealing in delight on Dumbo and the carousel.
The most I've had is two and that is plenty for me. Cats have a way of just appearing though. My friend had/has two cats. Then, her boyfriend moved in with her and he came with a cat. Last year, they bought a house together. The previous owner had been feeding 3 outdoor cats and left them without telling my friend. So, my soft-hearted friend suddenly has six cats.
I know that grief comes when it wants, but could you set aside a special day for the daughter you lost? Maybe the day you found out you were pregnant or the day you first felt movement?
And doctors wonder why they aren't trusted. When my ds was 3 hours old, I had to clip his fingernails because he was scratching me. When I got to his thumb, I clipped his skin. He bled and he screamed. Anyone with one iota of sense could figure out that babies feel pain.
At a park, I wouldn't necessarily blame people. My kids and I went to the park one day and there was trash strewn everywhere. We spent about 15 minutes picking it up. Then, we went to play. Later, we noticed the place was trashed again and we noticed the culprits were squirrels.
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