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give baby lots of cuddle time and nursing:)  It will be ok.
There are scary themes around here same sort of scary decorations. But there are 1000's of people young and old who dress up and have a good ol time parading and trick or treating. A local dance school has preformed Thriller after the parade for the last 2 years it is soo much fun! Family fun 'cept for the sugar crashes!
I poured in the cheese powder Big fat mistake!
Yoga pants + sweater dress is a great combo IMO
We got our asking price and didn't have to deal with the pain involved with selling a car. Although I will miss this car a lot a real classic beauty. 1985 Mercedes 300 td wagon red.
LOL your right! Maybe just a funny e card then? Know any good ones?
Thanks! Is it too much? A nice gift box from a local outlet more suitable?
I have been trying to sell my car and put it on facebook. An old highschool friend who is in my network hooked me up with a buyer after I posted it. For a car that cost 4500 do you think 100 is a nice compensation for helping me out?
Quote: Originally Posted by Thyme Mama my 4 yo dd calls bias tape "biased tape" but 2 yo ds is THEE best: diarrhea is "die-duh-bee-duh" beans are "beanses" (actually all plurals are like that, eggses, sockses. think gollum) bunny rabbit is "rubby babbit" you is "ou" (like french sounding) yeah is "laaa" he has a funny halting way of talking, and somehow he has a french accent (i can 100% affirm he has never heard french in his life) so i...
14 3/4
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