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fruit, veggies and green smoothies.
I sometimes give a buck or two depending on the situation. If it is used for alcohol and drugs not my preferance but I hope for the best.
I'm so sorry you are going through this. My brother was a horrible alcoholic he OD and never woke up. Be strong.
I don't think it is fair for the rest of the students. What if every student went home for some lesson and came back? Seems like a an extra disruption to the class and teacher.
If you have lots of open space Plasma cars are super fun for kids and adults.
If my dd remembers and still wants to I am going to take her shopping for skinny jeans .
Love the name Kellan!!! Good choice!
Re upholstering furniture is easy peasy for me.
Be gentle to yourself. So sorry for your loss.
Maybe make it more playful? Come up with a few places like in a dry bathtub with pillows, under the table, in a closet with a headlamp etc... Ask her where she would like to do her homework?
New Posts  All Forums: