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I would be miffed that yet again I witness ignorance and fear beats science and fact.
I love Oregon! I can't imagine a better place to live.
We need a super garage sale score smilie!!!
Rash + temp and all this discomfort yes bring him to the doctor.
I'm not sure out they can just back out like that? Would you not have some legal recourse? Many I am so sorry. You are strong you can make it right.
Procrastinating I rock at it!
I would want to build a custom energy efficient home with lots of built ins like in the book "Not so Big House." The theory is every inch of the home is usable and beautiful and catered to the owners lifestyle but not inexpensive! I would guess that in my area which is fairly high COL for 500,000-650,000 I could buy land and build an incredible 2,500 sq ft home that I could live in til I die.
I let my 8 yo dd walk/ride/scoot the 3 blocks to school allll by herself. I think the activity gives her confidence and just some quiet time to unwind without me asking her 100 questions about her day
Dear Fran, Thank you so much for coming to my shower. It was nice to see you and I love that you brought my favorite pie. I feel so ready for this baby now that I have my stroller and onsies. It was truly a special occasion and I can not wait for this baby to come! And more pie Love, Crazybean
I'm too busy too post all the details. But 5 yo ds was so happy I did not circ him even tho dad and friend are! Awesome!!! No CIRC!!!
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