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Not to mention Avatar is 3 hours my 5yo would not sit that!
I was going to suggest lyme as well. s:
I currently have a felted wool blanket it just doesn't fit very well. But you got me thinking I can make a really nice cover myself for way less Now maybe I'll be searching for materials.
God has a very good sense of humor and perfect comedic timing.
Installation and plumbing are going to cost the most $$. The tub itself could be found for less than 1000.
That stuff look yummy!
I am in the market for a wool mattress pad. Can anyone rec'd a brand or website? Thanks.
I make smoothies with raw greens and fruit. The greens and fruit are wonderful together and so nutritious. Getting greens in smoothies is a good way to up daily nutrition and then you serve simple meals with less veggies for the picky peeps.
Clear visions make your dreams reality
My dd dance school charged about 30 for the costume and maybe 20 venue. The show is free to the public and a fundraiser for Haiti. We are free the photo and video as far as I know or you can buy a dvd and she also post it on her dance website!
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