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Soap dishes, squeegee for shower, craft sticks, craft wire
Must google you know that right!?
They should sell them to plumbers too!
I feel a lot like your son does! I hated going gf and it took me a long time to get used to it. Now over 2 years later I am used to it and have a lot of gf favorites. But it was not easy and was a gradual process. This is going to be a life long situation give it time and look for some Pamela's mix and Tinkyada noodles
Gluten free english muffins.
That looks good!
I'd love for people to post recipes and links to info! So many of us MDC mama's love the nutritional benefits and ease of our vita mix (etc). I just got on this week off the costco web site it came with a lot of extras It was 649.00 and came with dry blender and a smaller wet blender not to mention the best piece of cookware I've ever owned the Neova 1.75 qt. pan...awesome!~ I love the smoothies and soups but I know there is a learning curve! Please share here help...
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