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In a smoothie with frozen fruit! You won't believe you love it!
I'd just say "we're vegan" it is not a personal issue.
So sorry you are going through this.
I agree with a pp who suggested layers! My dd hair is think and fine and the layering takes out a lot of weight without losing length. It is so mush easier to comb and it looks great!
Yeah for you! Hopefully some else will be inspired by you!!
GoBecGo- I believe universally it means f off...sit and swivel never heard that...very creative!
I told my daughter the truth about what it meant she is 8. She was like Woah okay that is bad!
Hand out a list of appropriate choices!
I've only ever heard it will dry up milk supply. I have never heard it is dangerous during preg.
I go get one of those steam cleaners things they are like 95 and with the other 5 I'd buy string beans.
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