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I think I want some for myself...since dh perfers video games at nite I'll just buy some creepy fuzzy hands to keep me company. Thanks for the link.
I hope you find some relief. Hugs mama.
I'm not sure what *it* is?? What is it you buy exactly? I read a good article in Sierra this month about reducing your foot print something I am very interested in. I am trying to talk dh into getting a new fridge ASAP...
My dads cousin was on the last Space shuttle flight her first name is Lisa.
I drank a beer while I was being stiched up!
Names. With the first I only had a girl name...had girl. With the 2nd only had boy name had boy.
I never knew you needed a special kind of tree. I have a Dogwood and Almond. Dh buried the placenta like a foot deeper then the tree. One is only a year old but seems fine.
I got the wal mart one and when the fabric ripped I re-upholstered it. Nicest looking doll stroller in town I tell ya.
now I want some!
Cumin makes a nice smooth tasting hummus.
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