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Thank you all for the encouragement. I have an intake scheduled for thursday but don't actually see the OB until the 1st...then who knows how long until i get another scan. The waiting is killing me Keep y'all posted!
thank you for the affirmation. our midwife has offered to work as our doula which does take some of the sting out. I think it's just gonna take some time to warm up to using an OB. Two safe and healthy little bundles will make it all worth it! 
Last week I went in for an early US (7 wks). The tech found 2 babies, both with a heartbeat, though they measured 9 days apart. "Baby A" measuring 5w 6d heartbeat 107 bpm, "Baby B" measuring 7w 1d heartbeat 135 bpm. The tech says that they appeared to have been conceived over a week apart, which is apparently extremely rare. I have read many stories of twins with different gestational ages, but can't get a sense of whether the discrepancy in growth rate should be...
thank you!
Hello. I have no idea where I should post this...Is there a "pregnant with twins" forum? Yesterday we went in for an early US (7 wks) to check into some spotting that i had been having. Holy cow...did we have a surprise....Not only were there two little yolk sacs with two little heartbeats, but they are measuring a week apart! "baby a" measuring 5w 6d and "baby b" measuring 7w 1d. She showed me the two follicular cysts on my ovaries where 2 eggs were released and...
a doula is wonderful to have with or without your dh there! check out oesa's website.http://amazingmamabirth.com
I SO know what you are going through right now and i am so sorry! my very high needs DD would sleep for 20 minutes at a time and was not entertained by anything while awake for more than a few minutes, either. The Ergo and Moby were my saviors, (first moby, then ergo!) i wore her in front facing out(she was happier seeing what was going on) in the moby for as long as i could. i remember the first time she played with toys for about 15 or 20 minutes while i dried my hair...
Tummy sleeping=plugged ducts for me. They cleared up most quickly when I soaked in a hot bath then BF immediately afterward. I was also massaging them whenever possible.
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