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Those of you that eat raw liver pills, how do you handle and store it. I cut some up frozen and stuck it in a freezer bag. A lot of the pieces froze together, though. I am not sure if it is okay to be opening and closing the bag every day to get pieces out. What is the best way to handle/store this raw meat so that I don't get sick from it, and so that it keeps well?
Is there any way to make good tasting beef broth without using any meat, just the bones? I have a big bag of beef bones that I want to make stock from and no meat.
Anyone have answers to the last questions I posted?
I add full fat coconut milk to my oatmeal every morning. It is soooo good with cinnamon and raisins!
I saw some at a health food store the other day. I don't remember the brand name, though.
So I finally got brave enough to cut some up and try this yesterday! But afterward, I had a headache and still have one this morning. I took it before bed and had the headache all night. It is pretty dull and I'm not sure if it is related at all-could be that I am just tired. But I rarely ever get headaches, so I am not sure. Is this normal??? Also, I cut up the pieces and put it in a ziplock freezer bag. Is it okay for the meat to be opening/closing the bag each...
I am surprised that you all love arugula so much! I've tried it and found it soooooo bitter!!!! Is there a way to eat/cook it so that it is not so bitter?
Ds (3 1/2) had broken out in hives for the past 3 days and I have no idea what could be causing them. He hasn't eaten anything new, he has no known allergies, we haven't switched laundry soap, or anything. He's been playing outside more but has been wearing long sleeves and shirts out. He has no other symptoms of allergies. How would I go about determining the cause? I haven't the slightest clue what could have caused the hives so I am at a total loss as to how I...
I have such a love/hate relationship with the internet. It totally feels like an addiction. And I don't even spend that much time on it. The computer is in the basement so I don't spend a whole lot of time in it when the kids are awake but I will spent a couple hours most evenings. I probably spend between 1-3 hours a day and some days I spend no time. ' But I hate that I think about it a lot. I check my face book waaaay too often. I think about going on the...
We went on a short hike with some friends today and ds (3 1/2) for the first 20 minutes was having melt down after melt down. His friend kept running and ds would start crying because he couldn't keep up and then would be screaming at his friend to come back and to stop running. And when the friend would come back, he would be upset because his friend was walking too close, ect. He wouldn't stop whining over everything and was just unpleasant to be around. By the time...
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