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My daughter’s father is South Asian and I am biracial, so she got the double whammy. Her entire bum is covered and there are smaller ones on her shoulder and shin. When I first saw them I kept asking the nurses “What did you do to my baby.” After they calmed me down a bit they explained it was common in biracial babies.
Hello to all I was wondering if anyone has had experience with being called for jury duty while breastfeeding? I just received a summons for jury duty and I am exclusively nursing my 2 month old, has anybody been able to be exempted for breastfeeding ?
Hello to everyone I was wondering if anyone knows of any baby friendly Weight Watchers meetings in the baltimore area.
I want to thank everyone of you lovely ladies!!! I am not in any way making light of your pain (I will be joining you in just a few short days if this child ever decides to it’s ready to come out), but your stories had me laughing out loud at 4 am in the morning!
New Posts  All Forums: