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maybe she's asking about her finger? just a thought! not meaning to over-simplify!
EBM = expressed breastmilk
Well, I was forced into giving my DD over to my STBXH for overnights ... I posted asking essentially the same thing -- how to help her adjust to that change of no night nursing. (That thread is here: http://mothering.com/discussions/sho...6&page=1&pp=20 if you haven't found it yet -- there were lots of good replies and support from mamas reassuring that a nursing toddler could do an overnight without mama.) My own experience is that it is doable, though in my situation...
DD is 2 and eats her cereal dry or with yogurt from cow's milk. She drinks water with meals. She likes the taste of cow's milk (she sees her father drink it with meals, as a snack) but it gives her green, runny poops. It seems to be OK for her if I bake or cook with it. Yogurt, cheese are OK for her, too. I also have fortified rice milk in the house. We stay away from soy.
Hi all. I, too, am closing in on 37 and DD is 2. AF returned way too early as far as I'm concerned (about 9 months) but I was under tremendous stress within our household. I think that had something (everything) to do with it, especially because DD was very attached to nursing (still is). Somewhere down the road I would like to conceive again; I'll see where I am if/when that time is right. Good luck to you all!
Hi. My DD has been sharing tidbits of information with me all week (this past weekend she was with me). I keep hearing how she missed me and how she "cried" and "screamed" because she missed me. At one point last week she thought I was getting her coat on for her to go to her father's and she adamantly said "NO!" she didn't want to go and got clingy. Lots of reassurance and she was better. We had to go through a bunch of court stuff last week; the stbx never showed up...
Hi. To reply to the original post: My limited studies in alternative health issues complements georgia's post -- yeast could be an issue. One good resource is The Yeast Connection by William Crook (think that's the author's name). If you don't have to do a total detox at this time, I don't think you should. But it's my personal nature to err on the side of caution. Best of luck.
Quote: So...what is it that causes this rampant and crippling disease? Chronic low standards, lack of non-lame role models, mothers who can't stay off MDC long enough to make a five course meal... I believed in the better of him ... it's not in my nature to see wrong-doing or evil first, then dispell it. I agree with the other mamas who posted that all that experience is something we need to learn and pass on to our children.
I am nak and don't have a lot time, but I wanted to offer thanks to all who have had us in their thoughts and sent encouraging words for me to consider. It was difficult sending DD off on Saturday morning, especially because she said she did not want to go. The outcome from the weekend is that DD returned home pale, exhausted with swollen eyes (even bruised-looking) and a low-grade fever of 100 that broke by the time she awoke the next morning. She nursed and slept...
please excuse my ignorance ... what's btdt?
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