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we struggle so much with this.  she doesn't really nap anymore but i want to instill the values that quiet time brings.  i think it's a valuable skill to have, to enjoy being just by yourself.  i let her play soft music, do art, work on her letters.  it should be in her room where she can be in her own space.  she fights me on this with tears and tantrums.  BUT, it's not an issue when i'm not around and her dad tells her it's time for quiet time.  uh huh...mommy...
heather - lol, too funny!   thanks, aimee!  can the noise go longer than 45 minutes?  i run my 4-year old's fan all night which i know isn't good and wondering if it's continuously spreading sick germs?????
i'm looking for one that has good volume and a timer, mostly.  under $40 would be great!  but willing to spend more on one rather than less on many, iykwim.   thank you!
i would beef up your system as much as possible since you are nursing.  i always freak when my older dd gets a cough.  and it usually is just that - a cough.   are there any reported cases in you area?  
update on us....dd has gone two nights w/out pull-ups!  elliesmomma, i went with your advice and added one incentive - new big girl underwear.  she went for it and i am super psyched.  thanks for all the great input everyone!
since i had my baby in august my sex drive has been in "park."  lol (sort of)   this happened with my other babies, too.  it sucks.  my dh is getting bummed (though he says he understands).  i mean, don't get me wrong, he's being tended to but he wants me to have fun, too.   i haven't ovulated yet, i am bf'ing and i know those things combined can put your libido on pause.  but even so, i'm starting to feel a bit insecure.  any others out there experiencing this?...
      i suppose this is the meat of my ponderings.......if she is physically ready then maybe all she needs is some encouragement from me to say bye-bye to the pull-ups.  i just don't want to turn it into an issue.  i sort of think she's ready but with the addition of her new baby sister, maybe she's holding on to the whole "diaper" thing (forgot to mention that - lol).  the other thing is, i really don't want to be up at night more than i am (5 month old) so to try no...
i'm looking for a diaper that will fit a 5 month old and will hopefully be able to span several months after that.  a diaper that's got good seal around the thighs and maybe even a top to protect from wind and sun?     thank you!
i agree, i think they are trying to form the big picture in their minds.  my 3.5 yo does the same thing.  i love your tactic, KLM99!
my dd will be 4 in march and she is wearing a pull-up at night.  i always told myself i wouldn't "worry" about when my babies potty train, stop wearing pull-ups.....but, i guess i'm tired of buying them and supporting the petroleum companies!    my thinking was i'd just wait for her to consistently wake up with a dry pull-up and then do no pull-ups but she is still soaking the bejeezus out of them.  we hit the potty before bedtime, too.  i do give her a sippy cup with...
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