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Just curious if you are paying $100 per/day for family daycare how much does a nanny in your area cost? Maybe a mom with one child willing to come to your house would be a better situation.   For now can you try having conversations about other topics. Start with "thank you for taking care of my children. How was your weekend?" (or something even more general)
OP -I am hearing you are tired and not feeling appreciated. I think it is common for parents to prepare food for children as a way of showing love and there is an expectation that the children show there appreciation by eating it.   Yes I do enjoy cooking, but I am not doing all the work myself. That is doing my children a disservice by not showing them the real world. By age 3 my children were making their own meals and snacks. Everyone helps prepare our family...
I would not be paying the bills. I might even consider an attorney. I have only heard of calcification because pieces of the placenta are left behind. It is more common in c-sec for placenta pieces to be left behind. A week after giving birth to my second. I ended up in the hospital with a septic infection and blood loss. I had a normal vaginal delivery and the placenta appeared to be delivered intact. My milk came in abundant supply and nursing a baby kept my cycle...
I sent you a PM
Games or toys with many parts are played with on an old sheet or table cloth. Depending on the size needed. When they are done it can easily be dumped into its storage containers. Children will dump if they can not see inside. We store big things on shelves. Small toys in clear covered containers. If they make a mess or spill they need to clean it up.
How did it go?? The no fridge seems weird. FYI-- fresh pumped milk stored in a sterile container will be fine at room temperature.
My "Mom's Club" Has fathers too.
I have no plan to return to work in the near future. I wanted to share what most of my friends are doing. Volunteering their time to gain work experience and transitioning to paid positions. Most of my once stay at home mom friends are working now. That is what mostl did. One did a complete career change and went back to school.
Salty snacks with their favorite drinks to encourage the need to go. Treats for going on the potty and treats for staying dry/clean for a period of time. The 5 year old may need to learn to feel the sensations because he has learned to ignore. Put them in underpants, protect carpet and furniture with waterproof pads. Let them take responsibility for the clean up. This is not punishment it is ownership.
I burned many a bridges as a new mom telling my friends their non-veggie eating toddlers were a result of parenting. Then along came my youngest. I had to puree veggies and hide them. Now he will eat almost every vegetable raw. Avocado and baby spinach leaves were his toddler favs. Soon as he had all his teeth I gave him raw veggies under close supervision.
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