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Did your midwife check how it was healing? If it still painful, it might worth having it checked out.
Who here is claiming some universal opposition to epidurals or that the option should be taken away?    I think this comment is a prime example of how people project their own fears and insecurities on others. When someone says they think natural birth should be encouraged and supported in our society and that intervention rates are too high, it does not mean that they are attacking women who chose otherwise. No one ever implies that anyone is less of a woman (whatever...
An ENTIRE chapter on risks in a whole book about how epidurals need to be given to every one preemptively before they feel pain?    As I was catching up with this a few pages back, I was going to ask if you also wanted to start giving epidurals for afterpains. That would have been my attempt at reductio ad absurdum. I guess I need to find a more absurd example... do you also advocate for some sort of modern day twilight sleep?
Oh, I don't doubt that this guy is an absolute horrible father and that you need to do whatever you can to protect your child. That is why I advised you to get a lawyer and not talk to him directly. My comments about sperm donors were meant to make you stop insulting sperm donors by calling that pathetic dude "sperm donor". 
1. Sperm donors are wonderful people (or broke college students...) who make the choice to help other people have children. That dude is not a sperm donor. I know it may seem ok to you to call him that but it really isn't.   2. Don't talk to him directly. Talk to a lawyer and find out what needs to happen to be absolutely sure he can't take your daughter without your consent and how your partner can adopt. There is no reason you need to show up at his work. Has it...
Are your claims about the majority of women wanting pain relief anecdotal or evidence based? Do you recognize the variation on perceptions of need for pain relief depending of where the birth is occurring and who is present? What are your thoughts on the cultural aspects of pain in childbirth?
Awesome. I`m glad to hear things are going so well.   I do need to warn you that there will likely be a little backlash in a few days or a few weeks. If that happens, stay consistent and don't take it as a sign that your new routine is not working. With my 6 year old I can predict it almost exactly and it only lasts 2-3 days before getting back to normal. It is like she suddenly realizes that I 'won' and wants to assert that she has some control. It works well to...
I believe this was in relation to acquiring free donor milk being inconvenient, not a general statement about why people here would use formula.
Who is claiming knowledge of universal truth?   This really has nothing to do with doctors being @**holes or good. The responsibility is shared by the entire medical institution as well as by society at large.
Soy formulas are very dangerous and should only be used if the child is allergic to everything else.
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