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It depends on your kids. I know many 9 year olds who would be totally fine looking after their siblings, especially if Mom is just running around the block. The important thing is to make sure they have something to do while you are gone, otherwise you are likely to end up with a big mess of toys.   If you are worried, you could get walkie-talkies since you wont be far. If you have a cell phone, you could leave your house phone on speaker and get a bluetooth headset...
There really is no way of knowing but, in general, 1st babies tend to take longer than 2nd babies but, after that, there often is no pattern. I am curious, how do you know you would have gone into labour soon had you not been induced with your 1st?
What's your budget? You can get an awesome organic latex mattress for about 2000$, which really is not that much more than a good quality mattress from a regular store. If you are on a lower budget, you can get a decent mattress from IKEA. They have some with natural latex and do not use flame retardants. You can pair it with a good mattress topper for added safety.   Actually I just double-checked and IKEA mattresses in the US have an added flame retardant layer...
That`s insane. Also, if there truly was any reason to do that, it would have been written in your file. Since it isn't, I can only assume that this doctor does so many c-sections that he forgot that he did not need to manually remove the placenta after a vaginal birth.
It is most definitely not compulsory in Ontario.
Absolutely agree. (Oh and the word is Othering)
Is your seat still under warranty? Perhaps it might be defective somehow. It can't hurt to call the manufacturer and at least get a new harness before throwing it out.   I used to drive a baby in a Complete Air every morning and it did take me a while to be able to adjust the harness properly.
I think that it is absolutely rude and uncool for people to ask those "What are you" or "Where are you from" questions. I had to explain over and over to my daughter that she was not adopted because people kept asking me that in front of her. When she started school, she came home several times asking me why people thought she came from a different country. Since then, I don't even try to polite with people like that. I don't care of their intentions are good, I will not...
My daughter wears these exclusively http://www.hanes.com/Hanes/Products/Kids-Hanes/Kids_Girls-Hanes/Kids_Girls_girlsunderwear-Hanes/22916.aspx
It could cause some scar tissue to form. I have seen some women with scars after a previous birth but it is unclear what exactly caused it. No one studies this stuff but I do think it's possible that your uterus might have been damaged. Did they do a manual extraction of the placenta or a D&C afterwards? Have you had an ultrasound or HSG to see your uterine cavity?   I also wonder what you mean by 'implantation problem'. There seems to be a general misconception...
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