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What's the safety risk of having the carrier over the mother's coat?
Can you provide some sources for that? It is my understanding that, while the virus can be found in saliva, transmission has only ever been documented through bites.  
I always just put the baby in a snowsuit in the sling over my own coat.
2 padded ring slings (always been my favorite, even with older children, maybe I'm just weird) 1 woven wrap (awesome but only used when baby doesn't need to get in and out a lot) 1 stretchy wrap (only for tiny newborns) 1 mesh pouch (great for summer and so tiny it can fit in a small purse so I used it quite a bit when my older child wanted to walk most of the time) 1 ergo (not my favorite but much faster to put on than a wrap so a good alternative when running...
I just want to point out that limiting access to cell phones and other restrictions and having an open, honest relationship with your daughter are not mutually exclusive.
I went in the home of a smoker during the holidays. She had not been smoking in the house for several hours before nor while I was there (for about 1 hour). After, I could smell it all over me and had to immediately shower and wash everything I was wearing, even my coat that stayed in the entrance.    I would tell her that, unfortunately, as she is a walking cigarette, she is not allowed in your home or around your children. Maybe that will make her realize how awful...
http://www.essentialwhites.com/   http://www.amazon.com/Gerber-Short-Sleeved-Onesies-Variety/dp/B0013RMOCG  
I have a 6 year old and a 6 month old and I love the age gap. So far, they are a pleasure to watch play together and it really seems like my older one is able to really enjoy having a baby around. I also really like having the opportunity to be on mat leave with a 6 year old. We are having an amazing time. I really think that this year will be one of her fondest childhood memory.   The only negative aspect I can think of is that when I go back to work, I will have to...
I hope you took her to the ER and are doing everything you can. Even if you end up having to send her back there, continue to follow up and communicate with her and the authorities.
I agree with the tip of the iceberg comment. Now would be the time to have a serious conversation about his views of gender roles and such things. I have known many women who just assumed their guy was not like the rest of his family and then were surprised when he turned into a chauvinistic jerk after they moved in together.
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