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We've had success with applying apple cider vinegar on the wart. Soak a small amount of cotton with the ACV and secure over the wart with a bandage. Leave on overnight. Do this for about two weeks. Wart should peel right off. You can research this remedy on the Internet as well.
The NJ Dept of Health sent out a memo in December to all schools and daycares indicating that requests for religious exemptions must be accepted. This memo was sent out to parhocial and private schools as well.
have you considered south jersey instead? you can be close to philly and the beach. if you live in camden or gloucester counties you are within 20-60 minutes of philly and 60-90 minutes of the beach. it is a bit cheaper to live in south jersey compared to central/north jersey. if you want to live near the beach and in a cheaper area have you thought about atlantic/cape may counties?
We got my DD's ears pierced when she was 6 months old . . . at the mall. No problems with infection, inflammation, etc. Never had a problem with her trying to tug on them, take them out, etc. This will be my only post regarding this topic. So if someone wants to debate me or flame me- I'm not interested. Thanks!
My daughter was having chronic ear infections and colds around 9 months old. Took her to the chiro and she told us to cut out regular formula and give her soy formula instead (I was BFing, pumping, and supplementing with formula). The chiro actually performed a diagnostic test to determine whether she was allergic/intolerant of the regular formula. With the soy formula her chronic congestion improved within a couple of days. She had no problems with the soy formula as...
this may be a naive question: but in your original post you write "DP," are you in fact married? i am used to seeing "DH" when referring to a husband. would a postnup be upheld in court? just something to consider.
i grew up in the suburbs and am now raising a daughter in the suburbs. both of which are racially and economically diverse. both communitities put a strong emphasis on education and being "a good person." i find it quite offensive that you categorize all suburbs as materialistic and non diverse. as to your question: "How do make sure that your child can survive any non-optimal environment and come out unscathed?" i would say be an active, engaged, and loving...
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