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psstt...chez ami is having a sale now.
i still wear some of the clothes my mother make for me and i now have 2 kids..lol granted now i can sew my own clothing but its nice not having to go to the mirror every 5 seconds to check fit. she sewed all my maternity wear. i agree with older kids, its about trend. my youngest sibling is 9 and my mother still sews for him except jeans. i made him a pair of tshirt recently and he loves it!
i moved recently with my stash. i counted i have 250 yards on hand right now. i packed them in sturdy boxes, in my case, DH had a ton of those Dell computer boxes and they are great, i line them with garbage bags and off they good. how i arrange my stash is how i pack it. so its packed as boys knit, girls knit, woven, home deco, seasonal, etc. i had all the same boxes for easy identification..lol but obviously not necessary our stuff had to go on the plane so i had to...
i've heard patterns from the big 4 being ill-fitting but never that big. i know i made a few friends who sewed something from mccall in newborn size and it was soo big that she was able to get it on her 3 years old dd. i prefer the big 4 vintage, i find them fit better for kids, they might have change their sizing past 1970s or 80s and i hate how they fit now that i dont buy them anymore.
if you have a serger, definitely. using 3 step zig zag on a sewing machine works too but not as nice. i personally wont wear pants with elastic, they make my hips look big and plus the elastic part it digs into my skin and a little unflattering on me. i would replace the entire thing with cotton lycra, much like on yoga pants waistband. you can cut into a small tshirt or something form the thrift store, just make sure it has spandex/lycra in it. you can also buy...
Quote: Originally Posted by sabrinat Your link isn't working oh, its not a link, i am merely agreeing to the pp i quoted
ditto the youcanmakethis pattern. i have ottobre hat patterns, pointless to buy 1 issue for just the hats
Quote: Originally Posted by SeekingJoy I don't know of anywhere. What do you have, and what are you looking for? this.
i buy fabric mostly from co ops, they are cheaper but the catch is you have to wait for it, sometimes months, sometimes weeks and since they normally have a bunch of fabric on sale, you might end up with more than what you need i am venturing into making clothes for me, i dont find it particularly cheap unless i alter something from the thrift store. but sewing to me is my creative outlet. i have a hard time finding something that will fit me properly without doing...
subbing, though most of the Siltex Mills stuff are Made in Canada, its right on the bolt. They have a few "made in japan" especially their oriental print but everything else is made in canada, i dont think i've seen a "made in china" on siltex mills stuff. in my area, we get outerwear, cotton woven, hollofil, batting from siltex mills.
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