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Hi Shawnna, Unfortunately, because CPMs/LMs are not federally recognized, we are unable to take Tricare. I'm not aware of any CNMs in your area doing out-of-hospital births. Wish there were, as they can take Tricare. I'm sorry to say that most Tricare mamas are paying out-of-pocket for the homebirths they want. a Washington midwife  
The WA midwifery law does not technically prohibit any particular clinical activities. So it is not actually "illegal". However, when there are bad outcomes involving WA LM care, the State looks to our professional association guidelines and other community standard experts to determine whether a MW is working within the scope of practice of her/his license. The law does specify that with anything outside the range of normal (which twin gestation is), an LM must consult...
From the Midwives' Association of WA State Thank you to everyone who contacted their legislators in the past two days to urge them to remove the Joint Underwriting Association (JUA) from SSB 5588. This cost-cutting bill would have suspended the JUA, a vital entity that provides the only liability insurance available in Washington State for licensed midwives and birth centers. Because the JUA does not actually use any state resources, members of the Senate Rules Committee...
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