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Hi ladies, hope all of you and your families are doing well! CD 8 here, sticky CM. I have no real reason to think this, but my gut says I'll O early. We'll see. And I'm still cramping, which is weird. Cramps normally stop or at least taper off when AF does. But not this time.
Just checking in. Time is flying by over here, still CTA until further notice. Just nothing to report.
So, I'm potentially fertile, and I'd say pretty darn potentially. Creamy is not my BIP and it's def. creamy, and pretty moist besides. So I told DH no DTD. He said ok. I did let him give me a massage--thank you, DH! Shortly after that he said, "What if I pull out?" I cracked up! This is the guy who can't tell... when... So how does he expect to pull out?! He said some other things too, I don't remember what they all were now. But it was so funny. It was also hard to keep...
Hi ladies, Happy Mother's Day to the mamas! 2 questions here. Can DTD change cervical position? I'm pretty much just curious here, as I don't usually check CP. But I noticed it was nearly closed before DTD, but afterward it was more HSO. But that kind of has to do with the 2nd question... If AF starts late in the day, do you still call that day CD1, even though most of it was CDwhatever from the last cycle? Ok TMI here... I noticed blood up near my cervix right...
People have still gotten PG with a DH who's had a V. I don't remember where--sorry! , but I've seen posts here about it. If this were me, not that my DH would ever get one, I'd chart for a while and keep considering. But I chart anyway, so... Good luck whatever you decide is best for your family, and with the U/S!
WWC I chart sensation and CM itself, but not what's on underwear. And just curious, why did you stop using Creighton?
Quote: Originally Posted by MaryLang IMO The Creighton Method is the best to use while bf. Its a mucus only charting system. VERY reliable and no temps to worry about taking at the right time every morning. : Mucus only is what I use, and it works great. You can get up, move around, sleep with your mouth open, use extra or fewer blankets, even have a fever and not worry about it affecting your BC method. All these things can effect temps in some...
MarineMommy good to see you back! I hope you and MarineWife are both happy with your results, and your DH too.
Quote: Originally Posted by ElliesMomma can your husband pull out before he ejaculates? if so, i find this to be a very effective bc method. couple it with not having sex any time you have fertile CM. perhaps a bit of a risk, but really only if he can't pull in time. I'd never trust the pull-out. I know my DH could never do it--he's said so himself. So I chart = no DTD w/ fertile CM and 3 full days afterward. About the tear, I wouldn't DTD until...
Hi all. CD 23 today w/ "AF is coming" cramps. It could still be a few days before that though, and I bet it will be, but I so want AF to show its face. Just want this cycle to end. DH was sick about 2 weeks ago, gave it to DS who had it last week, now guess whose turn it is?! And I never get sick! So blah. We could be DTD, but we're not and DH is pissed. I said, "Well you shouldn't have gotten me sick."
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