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My GB problems actually went away with pregnancy but after having my DD they came back with a vengeance. I ended up having no other option except having it removed. Sorry I can't help or give you any advice. ((((HUGS)))) GB issues REALLY suck! Posted via Mobile Device
Thanks for all the replies everyone. I appreciate it. I almost feel safer having a drink AND a bit of MJ, rather than having a few drinks. Posted via Mobile Device
Haha this is an OLD thread. The business has been started and we have grown like crazy since opening in April. We went from a home based business run by my husband and I to a company with an office and 9 employees (excluding DH and I) in 6 months. So far it is going exactly as I expected when I wrote this thread. Oh and my little man is now almost 11 weeks old Posted via Mobile Device
So here is my dilemma. I would like to have a bit of not-totally-sober fun at our company Christmas party BUT DS refuses to take a bottle. No way, no how can we get him to take it. So, here is my question (please don't judge) but what would be safer for him since he will be nursing as usual. Can I have a drink or a few? What is the limit? What about marijuana and no drinking? Is one safer for him than the other? What are the pros and cons of each. Or am I just being...
Ok so I talked to a health nurse and they have assured me that my kids won't get it from my secretary unless she, herself gets ill with it, which is highly, highly unlikely.
Hey, everyone. I need your expertise and advice. My secretary was home sick with her daughter on Monday and Tuesday because her daughter had a fever, was vomiting and had diarrhea. She took her daughter to daycare and came to work this morning when she was telling me about little pimples around her daughters mouth. She thought she was teething and it was from the drool. I immediately put 2 and 2 together and realised her daughter probably had hand foot and mouth...
Count me in. I haven't had any bleeding but I have had episodes of brown spotting for about the last week/week and a half. DS is exclusively breastfed and doesn't go longer than 3.5 hours without eating.....EVER LOL.
Interesting about the 6 week mark and breastfed babies getting acne. Didn't know that. I noticed Bode started getting acne the other day. He was 6 weeks old on Friday! Sorry I can't help with the postpartum bleeding at 6 weeks. I had quit bleeding entirely for about a week and then it picked up again. Bright red and clots. But that was only at 4 weeks.
I can say, without a doubt, that we are completely done having children. Had I known I was going to feel so strongly about this, I would have opted for a tubal during my cesarean. DH agrees that we are done and will be getting a vasectomy very soon. We have a girl and now a boy and we both feel our family is complete. We lead a very busy life and more than two children would be overwhelming. I know we could slow down with how busy things are, but truth be told, both...
DDCC. Definitely don't worry. I have a friend where they couldn't hear the heartbeat until after 18 weeks. She was a bit heavier but other than that there was no reason for them not being able to hear it. I was almost 11 weeks when they tried for the first time and they couldn't find it. It is very normal not to be able to hear it at 11-12 weeks. Some doctors/midwives wont even try until after 12 weeks.
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