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Wow, sounds like these kids are just normal kids who want to fit in. Sounds like this mama is a normal empathetic mama who wants her kids to feel accepted. Exclusion is bullying. Honestly, I cannot believe how much cruelty this post contains. I think you should re-read your post and consider how you would feel if the shoe was on the other foot.
Well, there is a slogan, "Loud Pipes save Lives" It's not all about trying to look tough. A lot of motorcyclists are hit and killed every year and loud pipes helps other people hear them. I ride and I have loud pipes for that purpose.
Yes! My dd's too. On occasion they play knights or something-  our house is full of play silks, dress clothes, etc- but they prefer real life magic :-)    
My dd just started Montessori school after being homeschooled. She LOVES it. She told me she doesn't want to homeschool ever again. I'm sure it's just the newness of it all. I do hope to HS in the future-we would like to travel. . . .     I almost feel guilty that I feel SO relieved to not have to worry about lesson plans and all that stuff. I feel liberated! Of course I miss her, but man was I burned out! I am happy to have her school community-and it is a wonderful...
I'm interested in MBTP as well. I've heard good things about it on another hsing site that I frequent. . . .
Quote: Originally Posted by proudmamanow I know exactly how you feel...I don't even like our local schools & I'm glad we're not sending her there, but it feels like we're missing out on a family milestone in a way, one that all her friends will get to participate in but not her....just a weird feeling. We are going away the week that school starts for a family holiday though, so that will help! ITA It's like I'm mourning something I don't...
Today would have been my dd's first day of Kindergarten. I've been planning on HSing for years, so I'm a bit surprised that I am feeling somewhat emotional today. Kind of hard to describe. . . . I imagine that most hsing parents go through this mix of emotion. I'm sure I'll be over it next week, lol
Quote: Originally Posted by lach I wish you would! I LOVE reading your blog because it's exactly the sort of course of teaching I want to take. Seriously, I take notes when I read your blog. There are so many blogs out there that cater to the creationist homeschoolers, I really value reading about your experiences and what you do. It's really, really hard to find information about really good science programs and I have really been enjoying reading...
Quote: Originally Posted by lonegirl It is one of the reasons I chose to start homeschooling this year rather than putting ds in a full day of school. He would only be in jk (4 in Nov) but we don't feel he needs to be in school for that long at that age. Ditto. We are HSing for this reason too.
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