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I have quail come through my yard all the time. Do they taste good? I just want to pull out some archery gear and catch dinner. :P I dont know how to clean them though!
Congrats! I think we're all excited waiting for the pictures! =D  
Tilly - Hope things quieted down and everything is okay. How much longer does baby have to stay in for a homebirth?
My 5yr old started having an awful tantrum each day similar to what you described. Other than the one daily tantrum she is excellent and a big helper and we thought they just couldn't be her simply acting out. We tried eliminating dyes and extra sugar which she very rarely got anyways but nothing helped. Someone mentioned gluten so we cut it out 3wks ago and after the first 3 or 4 days we haven't had one tantrum. It has been wonderful having my little girl behaving...
  Yes you can get her out of it! Remember you guys are her parents and she is the child. =D   We must be more strict because if nice tactics didn't work we'd just pick her right up out of the bed and go put her in her own(or wherever she sleeps) and tell her that she needed to behave. We would not let her back into the room where the baby bed is or into the baby bed.   As far as being nice first, I would explain how exciting the new baby is and that we needed to make the...
Congratulations! Another 'yay' that you got to deliver breech and it went smoothly.  
Good that labor isn't too rough yet! Wishing you lots of good labor and baby vibes! I'm excited to see pictures of your new little one.   How is laboring at your midwifes house? We are doing the same thing since we live far from town in the desert. Do you wish you would have brought something with you that you didn't?  
I hope the Sandman visits all of you tonight and everyone sleeps awesome! :P   I am 39 weeks today!   I haven't really been online, just enough to read what is going on with everyone as I am exhausted too!!  
Being sick (hyperemesis) both pregnancies is stopping me from ever having a third(at least planned, lol.) :( Being admitted to the hospital, tons of medicine, a Zofran pump, and just not able to do all my normal stuff was too much this time. It's awesome that DB is home with you now, I'm sure he was surprised how big the baby and your tummy have gotten. =D
New Posts  All Forums: