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Thanks for that moving honest response.  
 was writing for a friend who has now joined mothering and has written her own thread.  thanks.
 oops, wrong section!
I dont want to hijack the thread - but just wondering about pros and cons to getting a diagnosis for Aspergers?  
I have enforced the "you have to eat what we are having for dinner" and kept the foods reasonable, things she should like - like quiche. She did eat, not alot, but its a start. Im a really great cook too - Maybe there is a cookbook for picky eaters or a website . . . . I guess im lucky in that she will eat almost any veggie . . . raw preferred
My 9yo dd, my only, is a picky eater - She will eat any vegetable on the planet, raw preferred but wont eat much else. Her diet consists of pasta, veggies, fruit, quesadillas,burritos, grilled cheese sandwiches and eggs- I do manage to get salmon and chicken in her on occasion and the urging of her naturopath - as she was getting gravely ill when she wasnt eating it. I have to make her a separate meal - which i never should have started doing - but its a reality now....
I guess mine is more involved bc Im paranoid about getting the lice and being done with it. I dont think doing just one treatment would be sufficient. Now that the 2 weeks is up - i can tell you that last week i found 2 eggs/nits on her, nothing living. So i did 3 more treatments, nothing. Because of school being in session, i didnt do treatments everyday, but 3 times a week. (My friend did them every day) The flat iron was just my extra measure. But i think...
may need to double for long hair. Good luck! It worked for us!
3 T olive oil 1 t Tea Tree 1 t Eucalyptus essential oil your shampoo. mix well. apply with gloves and saturate scalp and hair. wrap in shower cap and wait 2 hrs. Then shampoo/rinse multiple times to remove treatment. Put conditioner on but dont rinse out. I used conditioner with coconut as Ive read lice are repelled by it. When combing out - buy metal nit comb - and clean in bowl of water after each swipe and wipe well with paper towel. Then dip in apple cider...
I just posted something about Feliway - and just talked to a rep on the phone. She said the diffuser works better than the spray - something about the ingredients being different and the spray only being potent for so long. I know from having cats you need to thoroughly remove the pee and the scent before they will leave it alone. I have one of those mini deep cleaning units and use that to remove scents. It works great. Clean your couch thoroughly and either cover...
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