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another vote for exercise here. we had a similar dog, maybe not as bad, that had come from a home of being neglected. Exercise in the morning.....Id have your dh do it b4 work and in the evening....... ditto above just to tire him out. youll see a difference in him, promise
we lost our cat (brain tumor) then our dog a year later (kidney disease) when my dd was 3 - 4. There is a wonderful book called CAT HEAVEN that I highly recommend. There is also a DOG HEAVEN as well. We also referred to her death as "going over the rainbow", referring to the "Rainbow Bridge" site: http://rainbowsbridge.com/ sorry for your loss. I hope you find these book recs helpful........
my dog had glomeruleonephritis, which is a specific kidney disorder. info here: http://www.marvistavet.com/html/body...nephritis.html we just happened to find out when the vet did prelabs to do dental work. It was in advanced stages by the time of diagnosis. Lucky for us, they had a holistic vet on staff who got her on supplements that gave us an extra year with our dog, a year I am most grateful for. The vet didnt offer much. The holistic vet recommended colostrum...
well, spent 5hrs driving there and back and seeing a beautiful dog who obviously has been kept penned up and is suffering from stress. Ive only seen video of pound dogs who have been locked up too long, behave like this. I urged the woman to take him to a rescue where he could be properly cared for and placed with someone who knows what they are getting in to, and knows what to do to help this dog be great. very sad..... my search continues. I have faith that the...
It is a purebred, but not sure if she has papers. She is the dogs second owner. Dont know if its microchipped either. Ill ask. think I will have her sign something, just in case....... thanks!
Im buying a dog from a private person. She cannot keep him bc of her landlord. He's 18mos old. Legally, do I need to get something in writing reliquishing the dog? I was just wondering if its licensed to her (I dont know) if there is some complication with that....... She lives in another county, but same state. thanks.
Just thought Id post after so many years on this thread. My dd is 8yo now, started having eczema at age 4, 1 yr after I weaned her. Now she gets an occasional spot of it on legs arm or face, but it usually goes away with hydrocortizone cream. I dont like to use this, but she gets it so infrequently and i use a minimal amount......and its usually gone within 48hrs. we have eczema on both sides of the family. My mom had it chronically very bad until age 18, then...
LOVED IT!! Will definetly make it to phoenix to see it in 3D!!!
Back by popular demand!..... the worst album covers of all time! Click on worst album covers ever and worst album covers II on the right hand side http://salamitsunami.com/
Oh......if anyone knows a good book on care of the older dog, please post. I really need a good reference book!
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